Achieving Sustainability by Improving Employee Wellbeing

We believe that keeping the employees happy and motivated is essential for building healthy relationships amongst them in order to reach organizational objectives in a productive manner. EWIS conducts various programs to make sure that every employee feels like they are a part of the EWIS family and also to encourage them on their achievements.

  • Extra-curricular  activities at Sooriyawawa factory

Facilities have been provided for the employees at Sooriyawawa Factory to refresh their mindsets

  • Annual sports festival

An annual sports day is organized to test the skills and talents of EWIS members.

  • Sing along night & dinner

A night which brings the EWIS superstars in to action

  • Annual staff meeting

An annual staff meeting takes place at the beginning of each calendar year, bringing down all the employees from across the country to one place. The meeting informs the staff about the future plans of the company and brings them up to date about the achievements of the previous year. Top performers in the previous year are also recognized at the meeting.

  • Kiddies Christmas Party

Children of EWIS members have a great time every December at the EWIS Kiddies Christmas Party

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